Your dog will spend their day playing, exploring and resting with their friends at Doggy Dayz. 

We operate in and around a semi-rural area and they shall have field walks, river walks and garden play to ensure their days are full of enrichment with constant professional supervision, love and attention.

We have a heated rest area with beds so the dogs can have a snooze when tired or play around outdoors to their hearts content. 

When the dogs are collected or dropped home at the end of the day they are happily tired. We can keep a set of your keys in our secure storage so you do not need to be home during collection and drop off.

We offer whole day-care or half-day care-care (am or pm) in four hour multiples.


We come and pick up your pooch at lunch time (between 10:00 and 14:00) and take them out for a hour long walk, no more guilt worrying about leaving them alone, the dog carer is here.  We can keep a set of your keys in our secure storage so you do not need to be home during collection and drop off.

A quiet evening when you get home as your dog will be relaxed having spent part of the day running around. 

Dog Visits

Doggy Dayz can offer a service to suit your needs, we can visit your dog(s) for up to an hour to check on them, allow them to go the toilet, give any meals/check their water and of course spend some quality time just 1-2-1 playing. 

dog wash

To keep your dog looking good, feeling well and healthy we offer a bath, brush, blow-dry and basic health check service, and since your dog is already with us this will save you the time and hassle of visiting a salon, your dog will come home looking amazing, smelling and feeling great!

This service includes a warm wash and shampoo, blow dry and nail trimming if required.  The health check includes checking and inspecting the condition of the coat, skin, paws, eyes, ears, teeth and claws, any areas of concern will be reported to you with advice for treatment.


We can look after your dog while you are away for a night or on holiday. Your dog will live with us in our home as a family pet and will have day-care each day. 

As it’s important that we have an established relationship with every dog, our overnight’s service is limited and only available to our day-care dogs who have regular ongoing bookings or have been assessed and are known to us.


45 Welbeck Road



NE62 5PA

Services available in the following areas: Morpeth, Choppington, Ashington, Bedlington and the surrounding areas

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